The overthrow of power and establishment of a dictatorship

Translated by Petr Yakovlev The Russian proletarian movement is the social and political activity of the working masses on the territory of Russia, caused by the exploitation and oppression by the bourgeoisie, proceeding in the mainstream of the objective material interests of hired workers. The spontaneous side of the proletarian movement is a set of … Читать далее The overthrow of power and establishment of a dictatorship

Anti-racism protests in US

Translated by Petr Yakovlev On May 25, an American policeman once again killed just another black man. True, now on camera and sadistic asphyxiation. As a result, American society flared up again with mass protests and pogroms. It all goes back to Baltimore, Ferguson, or even the most likely legendary Los Angeles riot. As noted … Читать далее Anti-racism protests in US

Pandemic and lockout

Translated by Petr Yakovlev A pandemic of COVID-19 infection caused by the hitherto unknown SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was raging in the country and the world. Experts say that COVID-19 will become a new seasonal disease, like flu. So far, the severity of the purely epidemiological consequences of the pandemic is escalated by the media, and the … Читать далее Pandemic and lockout

The essence of „Putin’s regime“ — capitalism of the imperialistic epoch

Translated by Petr Yakovlev All really key laws and state regulation measures can satisfy the interests and needs of either the oligarchy, that is, the richest monopolist tycoons, or the people, represented mainly by wage workers. This fact is objectively dictated by the economic basis of society, the nature of production relations. And it doesn’t … Читать далее The essence of „Putin’s regime“ — capitalism of the imperialistic epoch

The civil war in Ukraine

Translated by Petr Yakovlev Left-wingers are concerned about the question: should the Communists adhere to the „Leninist position“ and wish defeat for the Russian government in the conflict in Ukraine? First of all, the following should be noted. It is one thing to put forward the slogan of defeating our own government in conditions when … Читать далее The civil war in Ukraine

What is Trotskyism?

Translated by Petr Yakovlev Trotskyism is the worst enemy of communism. Trotskyism has nothing to do with the theory and practice of Marxism-Leninism. Trotskyism of all sorts is the forefront of the bourgeois ideology of the denial of communism in the era of the end of imperialism and the victorious communist revolutions. Trotskyism manifests itself … Читать далее What is Trotskyism?


Translated by Petr Yakovlev Stalin’s name in the public mind is used by various political forces. Stalin is extremely popular as a historical figure, mainly because the historical memory of the people is a matter of a special kind. Despite tons of Khrushchev’s lies, despite the extraordinary efforts of the entire world bourgeoisie to denigrate, … Читать далее Stalin


Translated by Petr Yakovlev Lenin’s name is mainly used among left-wingers to cover up the poverty of one’s own thoughts, and the most unbridled opportunism is seasoned with the authority of Lenin’s words. Left-wing impostors take from the treasury of Lenin’s legacy some quotes which they do not understand and compile them into their ideology. … Читать далее Lenin

График 996 в Китае

Предисловие СП Мировым империализмом в лице США и ЕС ведётся торгово-экономическая, санкционная, информационно-идеологическая война против Китайской Народной Республики, прежде всего как государства диктатуры рабочего класса. Одной из последних информационных кампаний против Китая является масштабная серия публикаций о чудовищных переработках китайских работников, особенно в сфере высоких технологий (т. н. «996 working hour system»). Смысл данной пропаганды сводится … Читать далее График 996 в Китае