Theses on „Stalin’s repressions”

Translated by Ekaterina Smirnova

I. The repressive policy of the dictatorship of the working class in the USSR was science-based, had a defensive character, being a form of social protection of the gains of the revolution in the class struggle.

II. State coercion in the USSR was used in accordance with the existing legal framework, socialist legality and revolutionary expediency. Any violation of socialist legality committed by the use of state coercion was a crime and was punished accordingly under the Soviet laws, damaging the authority and power of the working class. The concepts of “distortions”, of “acceptable mass victims” (“if you hew trees the chips must fly”) have nothing to do with the state policy of the USSR.

III. The system of state coercion in the USSR was the most humane state violence in the history of mankind, including the functioning of correctional labor institutions and the applicable penalties. Any seeming cruelty of the Soviet punitive system is reasoned by the false facts or incorrect comparison of different historical and socio-political conditions. The state of any bourgeois country of that time and in similar conditions was more repressive and tougher than the USSR.

IV. The so-called Stalin’s repressions are a myth. All historiography and its serving institutions were created by the forces of imperialism for the largest falsification in history in order to discredit communism. Since the first Five-Year plans the world oligarchy essentially had nothing to oppose communism in theory and practice, so it was forced to use the myths created by Trotsky and Khrushchev, to frame up the relevant documentary, pseudoscientific, literary and artistic base in order to have a reliable ideological and political weapon in their hands. Detailed examination of any element or aspect of the theory of “Stalin’s repressions” (national operations, NKVD Order No. 0047, about 650 thousand death sentences for 16 months of 1937 — 1938, etc.) reveals its complete failure and falsity of the proposed facts. All the theorists of Stalin’s repressions, including Zemskov, are the falsifiers of history.

V. Along with the myth of “Stalin’s repressions”, anti-communist historiography is extremely rich in other various anti-scientific interpretations, up to the most raving. But the main thing in it is a number of “generally recognized” myths, which are based on false documents and other falsified sources. The most popular among them, in addition to “Stalin’s repressions”, are “genocide of the peasants” (“Holodomor”), “huge losses of the USSR in the war with Finland”, “secret agreements between Stalin and Hitler” (“secret protocol” to the Soviet-German Treaty of Non-Aggression), “Katyn shooting of the NKVD”, “huge losses of the USSR in the Great Patriotic war”. These historical “facts” based on fakes are included in the history textbooks of all bourgeois countries and have become the core of bourgeois historical science, the basis of modern anti-communism. Modern anti-communism = anti-Stalinism.