Theses on the Victory in the Great Patriotic War

Translated by Geo


In regards of its world-wide historic importance, the Victory was won by communism over capitalism, by working class over the worldwide bourgeois class, by science-based planning over the chaotic nature of market. It became possible to evacuate manufacturing industries and ensure the manufacture of combat equipment, excelling the equipment manufactured all over the occupied capitalist Europe in both quantity and quality, only and exclusively due to the dominance of communistic relations of production and regulated nature of monetary relations. Endless debates of comparison of separate tank or airplane units, as well as temporary disadvantages of soviet military equipment, such as absence of radio communications in soviet airplanes, are irrelevant in face of the clear superiority in terms of production rates, production output, labour cost and equipment reparability.

Nothing but capitalism itself having profit as its sole interest had stopped the german versions of T-34 and Il-2 from being designed and constructed. At the same time State Planning Committee, endued with the authority of managing all of the production of the Soviet state, was comprehensive in its physical measures of the whole supply chain from the metal mining up to tank armament, and soviet workers and engineers, brought up with communist labour ethics, were discovering the ways to lower the production cost, german capitalists were busy counting profits and returns and using thee budget granted in the most capitalist way possible: by stuffing it into their own pocket, and making as many „Wunderwaffe“ projects as worthy weapon pieces. Capitalism lost in economic warfare against the USSR. And with it, it did lose in the war itself.


Heroic feats of labour, recognized with high regard by the leaders of bourgeois Russian Federation, in fact was a materialized form of communist labour ethics of tens of millions of soviet men. In capitalist dictionary you will find this defined as „working for nothing“. The heroic ability of the soviet nation was caused not by primitive reflexes like „we’re under attack by an enemy“ but was purposefully grown during long years of communist policies, having a goal of complete eradication of private property relations, deviant mentality grown from it and deviant behavior caused by it.

As such, no capitalist country of the time could exhibit the labor feats of soviet proportions, let alone cause mere working enthusiasm, honesty, self-sacrificing attitude and creative impulses on a massive scale.


The military feats of the soviet soldiers were likewise a consequence of purposeful eradication of ugliness that capital was infecting the minds of people with. If not for the communist ideology being dominant in the soviet society, a conscious self-sacrificial mindset would not show itself. No deep-rooted call of self-sacrifice can be possible where there is nothing to sacrifice one for: whether a friendly exploiter is deposed by a foreign one, or foreign one is repelled means nothing.


The Victory manifested a repeated proof of omnipotence of marxist dialectics, which guided Stalin and top soviet officials through organizing and coordinating the soviet people against the fascist invasion. The highest level of marxist dialectic proficiency by Stalin personally allowed him to take correct solutions, thoroughly consistent with the realistic situation. Once again the communists have won the battle of knowledge, which allowed them to withstand a monstrous strike from the world capital powers, and, eventually, defeat capitalists and stay on the winning side in another episode of class struggle.


It is clear to us that contemporary capitalist Russia has no relation whatsoever to the victory of the working class. The bourgeois, once returned to power, have twisted the meaning of a Victory Day to suit their own goals, reducing it to „a celebration of national unity“ in form, if not in name. For many years the Victory celebration has been used for propaganda of thoroughly bourgeois patriotism, which has been always used to mask the interests of the exploiters as the „interests of the nation“. Many popular historical examples are exploited in a similar fashion.

But unlike some modern left-wingers might think, this interpretation does not bear any threat to communism and is not even an instrument of anti-communist propaganda.

In conclusion

Under the present circumstances, communists advice not to waste your resources trying to combat bourgeoisie propaganda. This is an ultimately futile battle on the strength of the tremendous difference of propaganda capabilities and limitations. The importance of Victory to communists is not how its historical day is celebrated, or if it is celebrated at all. It is important to understand in what ways it influenced the world-wide communist movement, what reasons were behind the communist Victory, what changes the Victory had made in the soviet society, why (due to what material laws) the communist labor ethics gained momentum during the war, etc. All of this will be important during the building of communism in the future. Therefore, studying marxist dialectics is a better commemoration than walking down a street as part of the „Immortal regiment“. The better we study it, the shorter the age of capital and its mythology is.

N. Fedotov