About „yellow vests“ movement

Translated by A. Sorokin

The French are moving to the streets of Paris every Saturday to demonstrate their opinion on French ruling class and president Macron time and again. The stern French proletariat demands that president Macron would resign from his post, for France to leave NATO and EU, and the living conditions of common folk to be improved. These demands can be considered as half-proletarian and of petty-bourgeoisie type, which is no surprise, because the political consciousness of masses defines their demands. More than that, the level of social class organization defines their perspective of victory. But in this case the perspectives of the Downfall of Capitalism remain unseen.

With that in mind, every Saturday act of the „yellow vests“ is followed by violent riots, which police and protesters’ leaders are helpless to contain. The right-wingers blame the riots on anarchists and left-wing organizations, and this statement has some ground under it, of course. But the left-wingers, who think that rioting will hurt Capitalism, are not the only problem, for the French workers, office employees and intelligentsia alike are not necessarily supportive of these riots, but at least, feel for the rioters and join them sometimes.

The case is in the point, that if oligarchy can convince hipsters from Moscow and nationalists from Kiev that oligarchy’s material possessions are well and hard-earned, then an oppressed worker, keen-eyed employee and open-minded intelligent won’t buy this kind of „crap“. But taking into account their dramatically low level of scientific knowledge, they have no other option to demonstrate their opinion on banks, insurance agencies, companies, shops or even owners of expensive cars rather than the destruction and burning of all the city’s valuables they can lay their hands on. Of course, there’s no wisdom to find in riots, but this activity, which became quite common for modern and highly developed capitalist counties, must be thoroughly researched.

The European and North-American commoner has a long-standing tradition of crushing shops’ display cases and burning cars. Such was the way of his social development throughout the history of his colonial metropolis, often sharing the ideas of national and racial bigotry with his ruling class. He could learn history’s lessons only from the mouth of bourgeoisie. What is the definition of Paris Commune of Y1871, the Russian Revolutions in general, and Communist Revolution of Y1917 in particular, of all European, Asian and American Revolutions from the bourgeoisie’s point of view? They are viewed as pointless and senseless riots and rebellions, destructive and anti-historical events. Every alternative to Capitalism is downgraded to „kill all the rich guys“ type by bourgeoisie and portrayed by them as „Totalitarism“, aimed to overthrow the „best men of the nation“.

Pretty soon the „Social State“ will hit the 70 years mark from his establishment, but Marxist theoretics are yet to fully understand that riots, strikes and even mass protest demonstrations are turned into the sideshow by bourgeoisie. The bourgeois intelligentsia and all the sorts of alike politicians are trying to lead the inevitable activity of masses in the course of riots, strikes and square-protesting, to lead them away from really constructive decisions, that can result in overthrow of Capitalism. Feel free to march on the streets, oh dear enraged proletarians, crush the banks and cars, be on strike all you like, overthrow presidents and prime-ministers, protest with all your might — just don kill all the rich guys t you try and think on revising the social and production relations. Don’t even try to arm yourself with Marxism-Leninism that will show you the way to the organization into working class and form you make the program of seizure of state’s power ome true. Such are the politics of the modern bourgeoisie.

All the „yellow vests“ can achieve is to overthrow Macron, who in turn will be replaced by Melenchon or even „better“ — by Le Pen, which will only strengthen the positions of Capital in France. For owners of BNP Paribas, Total, GDF Suez, Societe Generale, AXA, France Telecom, Sanofi-Aventis, Credit Agricole, EDF Group, Vivendi, Vinci, Renault these are simply not so-pleasant details of their political businesses. But even if „yellow vests“ could be able to put in president’s chair their own candidate, even if he will stay loyal to the spirit of protesters’ movement and interests of the people, the bourgeoisie won’t let parliament deputies, attorneys, judges, police chefs, journalists of the biggest Mass Medias off the hook, who will reduce all the results of the revolution to nothing. And even if the leader of the „yellow vests“ will have the will and power to keep all the bourgeois government machine and Mass Media in line, which is almost impossible, then what of model of state and social relations will he build? It will always be Utopia, because it won’t be based on the doctrines of the social science i.e. Marxism. And so this policy will most likely fail in the end and won’t hurt the dominance of capitalists. If you want to „build“ Capitalism, then you don’t need anything besides capitalist’s interest and government-backed violence to enforce it; if you want to build Communism, which will destroy the people’s miseries and give them true happiness, you must change the social relations in accordance with scientific knowledge.

In short, without the leading role of Marxists in the Union and Protest movements, there’s nothing for bourgeoisie to lose in terms of strategic importance. So, understanding the natural inevitability of proletariat’s activity, capitalists are making sure that this activity is railroaded into the path of rioting i.e. political brainlessness.

That being said, the Marxists’ goal is in vice versa: lead the proletariat activity into the constructive path of organization into the revolutionary working class, mainly by spreading the doctrines of Marxism into the consciousness of proletariat. The main goal of all Marxists in every strike or protest action is setting up deeply-scientific and at the same time understandable propaganda, that will explain the real means and aims of political struggle. This is the way of upbringing and hardening of masses.

Of course, people in masse are not ready to follow ideas only. In order to bring proletariat’s activity to the level of successful communist movement, there’s a need in creation of working class’ organization in it’s highest type — vanguard type political party, that will guide the movement. Such party must deserve the authority of being the HQ of working class by it’s deeds, be at maximum level of discipline and consist of competent and devoted Marxist revolutioners. That leads to a sub-goal for communists, who are yet to create such party of needed quality, to recruit the most vanguard-type proletarians, forge the cadres for Communism. This applies same for French, for Russians and any other nation.


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