October revolution and left-wingers

Translated by Geo

November 7th in Russia will be celebrated by left-wingers collectively running into the same trap once again: they’ll weep and mourn for the ever-shrinking income levels, pensions and living standards in general, cry for the industry, rights and benefits which died with the „great state of USSR“…

While they are busy with the crying, they miss far greater concerns. Thematically, anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution is a good, if not the best opportunity to speak of the society of the future and what we have to offer.

Most significantly, we must emphasize the economic inefficiency of the market economy: the mockery of a production process which is market economy (in which it is totally normal for primitive operations such as delivering raw material to a food factory to require a long chain of banks and mediators) is totally absent from the average citizens eye. For every workplace in existence there are several examples of industrial anarchy hindering production process or just making it outright impossible to perform. Comprehension of the parasitic nature of whole economic branches (such as stock exchanges or financial institutions that by definition do not produce any value) is absent as well.

Since the left-wingers time and time again choose to focus on abstract revolutionary rhetoric, working class doesn’t concern itself with the enormous sums of production expenses occurring every second due to the capitalist economy fighting its own industrial anarchy (which the production process has objectively outgrown) and how much they impact the proletariat as the major consumer.

The second most important thing to make clear is that property-centered economic relations reduce all of the personal activity, economic or not, to pursuing money and in doing so restrict the development of what makes person a person, i.e. creative work. Capitalism can offer nothing but a life-long position of providing food for oneself to a young person entering the adult life. Property relations have already determined his place in life by the means of class division. He may be an unrecognized genius, he may work more efficiently during longer time frames, but they still have determined a ceiling for him, few of the working people can rise above. In other words, who is born a slave, dies a slave.

Lastly, we must explain the economic efficiency of planning based on public property, which is efficient if only because the excessive elements of the production chain have been eliminated along with industrial anarchy expenses. But the basis of planning is that it gives every individual the opportunity to fulfill oneself and utilize ones potential. Is there a chance of a person to find his place in life when personnel selection and training is an uncontrolled amateur activity performed by the employer? On the contrary, when personnel is selected and trained systematically, personal and professional growth of each member of society benefits it directly. A person, whose skills are utilized in the most efficient way, and who possesses a powerful tool of scientifically planned economy, can work wonders and resolve any economic issue possible under the current development level of production forces.

The experience of the Revolution should be used to prove that its victory was a result of scientific approach to society — a victory of the scientific thought, and not just „people“ deposing the tyranny of the property interests.

Socialist revolution is not just a „overthrow of the exploiters“, „triumph of the poor“ or „labor over capital“. It is first and foremost a victory of the scientific consciousness over economic chaos, based on the private interests of tiny percentage of exploiters.

The Bolsheviks didn’t outplay both the national and global capital powers by simply attracting masses to their cause (during 1918 peasant sympathies laid far from the Bolshevik party), but by being armed with a scientific model of society, by knowing the consistent regularities of its development and by organizing the followers in a way that made victory inevitable.

The better, most progressive social organization system won and left retrogressive unregulated relations far behind.

We must declare that we as communists are free from private property interests and act solely upon the scientific consciousness and by that only we are capable of producing a plan of scientific society reformation.

No other party can manage that, since they represent the interests of the members of property owners in one way or another.

Nothing else should really be said that day. Other talking points hold neither significance nor propaganda value.

I. Bortnik


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