Translated by Petr Yakovlev

Lenin’s name is mainly used among left-wingers to cover up the poverty of one’s own thoughts, and the most unbridled opportunism is seasoned with the authority of Lenin’s words. Left-wing impostors take from the treasury of Lenin’s legacy some quotes which they do not understand and compile them into their ideology.

And those of them, who do not pursue provocative goals, as a rule, carefully copy Leninist thoughts and actions, although they know that Marxism requires the independent application of materialistic dialectics.

The situation now has developed in such a way that every supporter of communism is obliged to put all available forces on an independent study of Marxism-Leninism from the source, on an independent study of the practical heritage of the Leninist-Stalinist leadership of the revolution and communist construction.

And for us, Lenin should be the standard of man, so every communist must match him, like to Marx, Engels, and Stalin.

There is an opinion that in Bolshevism, the standards of which we strive for, different types of activists are needed. What is needed, they say, is Lenin, who will show us the way, but there must also be an ordinary, efficient and dependable Party member, who does not even think about comparing himself with Lenin, to be matched to Lenin. He is like a „techie“ of party work. This is the wrong, false approach.

What is more — common or different between Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin as individuals? In their worldview, in the strength of their will and characters.

Practice shows that there is a Marxist character, a Marxist type of personality, a Bolshevik style of man. And the classics of Marxism, as concrete people, personalities, scientists, revolutionaries, propagandists, organizers, leaders, are the standards of such a person. Every Marxist should will to become like them, should imitate them as much as possible.

The complexity of world-historical tasks objectively dictates the need to carefully, meticulously study Marxism-Leninism as a theory and practice, in order not only to stand upon the shoulders of the titans, but also if you do not surpass the classics in their levels of scientific preparation and organizational abilities, then at least get close to them. And here, as a rule, everything rests on the attitude of people towards self-education and their willful qualities in this regard.

Until we arrange to forge of cadres in Marxist-Leninist patterns, we cannot see our victory. Including self-education in the spirit of Marxism, in the spirit of imitating our character’s disposition to our beloved leaders. Such imitation is nothing but a form of Marxist self-discipline.

Get inspired by the personality, the way of life, the victories of Lenin! Get inspired by Marx, Engels, Stalin! To vigorously work for communism, firmly and faithfully serve the working class, people and the progress of mankind!

Lenin: Один комментарий

  1. I recently read biographies of Lenin and Felix Dzerzhinsky. Oh, I am very much inspired by Vladimir Lenin’s example!

    In Molotov Remembers, Molotov said, «To wrest the working class from the clutches of capitalism is possible only with sacrifice. Anyone who wants to overthrow capitalism without sacrifice would do better to enroll in another party, the party of pacifists, idlers, babblers, and incorrigible bourgeois ideologues… In short, the working class can tear itself away from capitalism only through the greatest of sacrifices. If this is not to one’s taste, then just go on living in slavery. There is no alternative.»

    Molotov also said Lenin was like a rock because he understood real science.

    I think the Prorivists is right to call out the proletariat’s ignorance, laziness, and self-serving tendencies (that’s the sense i got from reading other articles). It can be tough to hear, but that’s what honest self-criticism should be about. The important thing is that honest and conscientious proletarians need to temper ourselves.


    -Tom from USA


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