Translated by Petr Yakovlev

Stalin’s name in the public mind is used by various political forces. Stalin is extremely popular as a historical figure, mainly because the historical memory of the people is a matter of a special kind. Despite tons of Khrushchev’s lies, despite the extraordinary efforts of the entire world bourgeoisie to denigrate, the people remember Stalin and love Stalin. The historical personality of Stalin embodies Soviet communism — a society of persistent but happy struggle for the complete and final victory of happiness for everyone and everyone on the planet.

There was not a single person in history whose activity would provoke such a hysterically desperate reaction of the oligarchy of the whole world. There is not a single historical figure that all conscious proponents of private capitalist property and market relations would so vehemently hate. Refined intellectuals — lackeys and serfs of the business class — never smeared anyone with so much black paint. This very word, STALIN, causes an immediate attack of uncontrolled anger and an involuntary bile secretion syndrome from almost all owners of factories and newspapers, hardheads and speculators, kulaks and their henchmen, insurers and bankers, brokers and jobbers, investors and startuppers, bribe-takers and embezzlers, thieves and scammers, sadists and murderers, rapists and pedophiles. Stalin and everything that he personifies cannot be tolerated by all kinds, subspecies, and varieties of adherents of private property relations.

Stalin, his faithful comrades-in-arms and their teachers — Lenin, Engels, and Marx, were personalities whose content in the study of social relations will live for centuries. And there is no doubt that Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, including today, have a much greater influence on the course of world history than the popularly elected parliamentarians and presidents of all countries taken together.

The great importance of the personality of Stalin and other classics of Marxism reflects the recognition of the optimal conformity of the results of their lifetime social relations with the objective necessity of progress.

Recently, the vilest nationalists and statesmen in Russia and Georgia, using popular respect for Stalin, cover his name with their bourgeois and imperialist propaganda and even politics. They are using every possible means to extort from the personality of Stalin the main thing — Marxism of a true revolutionary. They go to great lengths, crossing out the essence of the history of the Stalinist USSR — the construction of communism. They do this to declare Stalin their political ally. And they do it unprecedented in their arrogance, vileness, and abomination. Therefore, for the historical figure of Stalin, there is a desperate class struggle with nationalists and „patriots“ in the field of ideology.

Stalin is a loyal and consistent student of Marx, Engels, and Lenin, a classic of Marxism, the leader of the world revolution, the leader of the world labour movement, the architect of communism and the great leader of the outpost of the world revolution — the USSR. All other views on Stalin are anti-scientific heresy and dirty slander.

The situation now is such that every supporter of communism is obliged to put all available forces on an independent study of Marxism-Leninism from the source, on an independent study of the practical heritage of the Leninist-Stalinist leadership of the revolution and communist construction.

And for us, Stalin should be the standard of man, so every communist must match him, like to Marx, Engels, and Lenin.

The complexity of world-historical tasks objectively dictates the need to carefully, meticulously study Marxism-Leninism as a theory and practice, in order not only to stand upon the shoulders of the titans, but also if you do not surpass the classics in their levels of scientific preparation and organizational abilities, then at least get close to them. And here, as a rule, everything rests on the attitude of people towards self-education and their willful qualities in this regard.

Until we arrange to forge of cadres in Marxist-Leninist patterns, we cannot see our victory. Including self-education in the spirit of Marxism, in the spirit of imitating our character’s disposition to our beloved leaders. Such imitation is nothing but a form of Marxist self-discipline.

Get inspired by the personality, the way of life, the victories of Stalin! Get inspired by Marx, Engels, Lenin! To vigorously work for communism, firmly and faithfully serve the working class, people and the progress of mankind!


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