Review on the article of Podguzov on science-based centralism

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I’ll try to decipher Podguzov for our readers, followers and companions, who are afraid to think for themselves or do not want to read attentively. Podguzov highlights an organizational concept or theory of the science-based centralism (instead of established democratic centralism), based on a profound rethinking of opportunistic defeat of the world communist parties. It is a pity that for many people Podguzov remains misunderstood.

Our opponents do not want to understand the genesis of truth or essence of the cognitive process. Podguzov proposes to build the Communist Party through the conscious reflection, not using a spontaneous democratic organization of intellectuals or workers. Our challenge of the time from the Marxism point of view, is to make additions to requirements of the communist movement. Without changes in the quality of the Communist Party we systematically have trouble and it won’t work out. All the communist movement successes appeared actually at the genius of the communist leaders. We all said to ourselves: how is it that Stalin died and that’s all, the end of Marxist line in the Communist Party? There was a struggle, there were groups of the Stalinists, but even Molotov did not have an organizational experience of struggle, not to be outdrawn by opportunists. Any stupidity in the history of the Communist Party was made because of unskilled majority. Every bastard elbowed into the party leadership through democracy. From what the democracy actually saves us? «From errors» — will answer current the Communist Party members. Here Podguzov draws the attention of a thoughtful reader, that no one argument and democracy never had saved from incompetence. This is very good and right idea — to give intellectual and craft carte blanche for party members in the form of subordination to the decisions of majority and popular vote, to convince them in correctness of their lines and coming to the leadership to get them learn, learn and learn. This is certainly beautiful and natural idea for organizational thinking of intellectuals and working class society, but only in the context of growing activity of revolutionary process and enormous shortage of staff.

Podguzov correctly teaches us — here and now we need to start thinking about future difficulties and mistakes. We have an invaluable experience of the CPSU, memoirs and articles of Yakovlev, Shepilov, Molotov and the others. Podguzov shows us that it is need to raise the bar on requirements for party members, and to take a decision-making right from the people who do not know Marxism or showed themselves as political opportunists. It’s quite simple. To ensure that this new standard, we must reject the democracy and assess the level of party member within his scientific training, and primary organization for his propaganda and agitation work. But not in such a way, it was before, but really pushing the highest individual requirements for party member and observing an ideological sanitation of the principle “no compromises in the scientific theory”.

Conscience by Podguzov — it’s a struggle for knowledge, and then when that knowledge has a critical mass, it’s the fight for the truth. Podguzov says right, that the essence of the process of cognition is absolutely indifferent to the number of participating entities. If you have an agreement of opinion, that’s fine. But you’ll never need a democratic procedure, if you have it. Diamatic conscience by Podguzov – this is an individual requirement for a scientific preparation of the communist.

As any construction of communist relations, the role of the subject rises, as the role of the serial purposeful action. Stalin pointed out the importance of the communist education of the individual. Here we are talking about necessity to overcome this subjective barrier of spontaneity of the intelligentzia and craft thinking to create a military organization. As the role of the subject-communist increases in the revolutionary process, it is necessary to increase requirements to his scientific training, or with the first error, everything will collapse. And so it happened so far. No matter how many pedants are confirmed about some magical forms of the proletariat dictatorship in the production and any other principles and constituencies that would automatically ensure the progressive building of communism – it’s all nude idealism.

Many people will ask, «But what about determination of actual opportunism?» This is an issue of communist party member, who affected by opportunism. I’ll tell you what is our scientific and political position and we do not need to join such people, who do not share it. The time when it was enough to say «I admit the program and agree to abide the statute» passed. Now is the time when we need to ask how he understands the program and is he enough prepared to perform that, according to its needs.

All the wonderful, honest and passionate fighters for communism, who can’t or do not want to know Marxism, remain with us, but without the right to make decisions. And this is fair and right. And, in fact, the whole story of inner struggle of Bolshevism holds a clear dividing line between the Bolshevik centralism and democracy of opportunism.

If someone believes that the democratic centralism — it’s a part of Marxism, then I offer him attentively read the Stalin’s works about Leninism (= Marxism, the era of imperialism). Nowhere Stalin indicates democratic centralism, as in Marxist theory in organization building.


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